22nd IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering

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   ***Peter C. Rigby**, Concordia University, Canada   ***Peter C. Rigby**, Concordia University, Canada
   ***Emad Shihab**, Concordia University, Canada   ***Emad Shihab**, Concordia University, Canada
-===== SQM ===== 
-[[http://​sqm2015.sig.eu | The 9th International Workshop on Software Quality and Maintainability]] will be co-located with SANER 2015 (merger of the CSMR and WCRE conferences) in Montreal, Canada in March 2015. The key concept and aim  is to give the opportunity to researchers to present their original work and to practitioners to relate their experiences on issues pertaining to quality and maintainability of software systems and how to bridge the gap between end user expectations,​ business requirements,​ vendor performance,​ and engineering constraints. There are no restrictions regarding the background of the participants. Both researchers and practitioners are welcomed. 
-We solicit submissions on research articles, empirical studies, industry practices and experiences (success or failure) with: Software quality attributes and quality requirements;​ Software economics and technical debt; Software measurement and metrics; Software maintainability and traceability;​ Software quality assessment; Software quality standards and compliance; Software quality certification;​ Estimation, prediction, evolution and trends for all of the above. 
-Both short position papers (max. 5 pages) or long papers (max. 10 pages) are solicited. 
-Submissions must use the template available at [[http://​journal.ub.tu-berlin.de/​template/​]] and must be submitted through EasyChair [[https://​www.easychair.org/​conferences/?​conf=sqm2015]]. 
-Acceptance will be on the basis of peer review by an international programme committee. 
-Papers will be reviewed and judged for short or long presentations during the workshop, and a selection of long papers of sufficient quality will be published in a Volume of the peer-reviewed scientific open access journal ECEASST. 
-^ <fc #​ff0000>​IMPORTANT DATES</​fc>​ (may still be subject to changes)^^ 
-|Abstract submission ​     | <​del>​December 16, 2014</​del>​ | 
-|Paper submissions ​       | <​del>​December 21, 2014</​del>​ | 
-|Acceptance notification ​ | <​del>​January 19, 2015</​del> ​ | 
-|Early registration deadline (for SANER and associated events) | <​del>​January 30, 2015</​del>​ | 
-|Workshop ​                | Friday March 6, 2015 | 
-  ***Lodewijk Bergmans**, Software Improvement Group, The Netherlands,​ l.bergmans@sig.eu 
-  ***Tom Mens**, University of Mons, Belgium, tom.mens@umons.ac.be 
-  ***Mathieu Goeminne**, University of Mons, Belgium, mathieu.goeminne@umons.ac.be 
 ===== OOPSLE ===== ===== OOPSLE =====
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