22nd IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering

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International Projects

International projects panel co-chairs: Jane Hayes and Marianne Huchard

The panelists will represent international projects and will discuss two main topics:

1) Description of various international projects: what is your international research project about and how do you run it?

2) Description of “best practices”: what are some challenges your project faced? What are advantages/disadvantages to an international project? What are advantages/disadvantages to how you set your project up? How did you get started?

The panel format will be: three to five panelists will each make short presentations on topic 1, followed by panel discussion and audience questions. The panelists will then make short presentations on topic 2, followed by panel discussion and audience questions.

Possible topics of conversation include:

- Should research be triggered/guided by projects or should the institutions give researchers funding and let researchers pick their topics?

- Is project management taking too much time?

- What is the project?

- Where is it located?

- Who funds the project?

- Who works on the project?

- What might you do differently?

- What are best practices?


It is the goal of this panel for audience members to learn more about international research projects as well as about best practices/lessons learned by those working on such projects.

The panelists are being selected to represent various types of projects around the world and are being invited by the panel co-chairs; we do welcome volunteers. Please email us if you would like to volunteer or require further information.

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