22nd IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering

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 +|[[http://​iwsc2015.usask.ca/​Site/​Welcome.html | 9th International Workshop on Software Clones (IWSC 2015)]] | {{ ::​iwsc15.png?​200 |http://​www.tourisme-montreal.org/​}} |
 +[[http://​ppap.soccerlab.polymtl.ca/​ | Second Workshop on Patterns Promotion and Anti-patterns Prevention (PPAP 2015)]]
 +1st International Workshop on Software Analytics (SWAN 2015)
 +9th International Workshop on Software Quality and Maintainability (SQM 2015)
 +Open and Original Problems in Software Language Engineering (OOPSLE 2015) 
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