22nd IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering

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 SANER comes from a long line of successful conferences:​ SANER comes from a long line of successful conferences:​
 +| [[http://​saner.inf.usi.ch/​|IEEE SANER'​16]] ||
 +| [[http://​http://​saner.polymtl.ca/​|IEEE SANER'​15]] ||
 | [[http://​ansymo.ua.ac.be/​csmr-wcre|IEEE CSMR-WCRE Software Evolution Week'​14]] || | [[http://​ansymo.ua.ac.be/​csmr-wcre|IEEE CSMR-WCRE Software Evolution Week'​14]] ||
 | [[http://​csmr2013.disi.unige.it/​|17th IEEE CSMR'​13]] | [[http://​wcre.wikidot.com/​2013|20th IEEE WCRE'​13]] | | [[http://​csmr2013.disi.unige.it/​|17th IEEE CSMR'​13]] | [[http://​wcre.wikidot.com/​2013|20th IEEE WCRE'​13]] |
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